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Fireproof: A Drop-Everything-and-Go-See-It Film


Almost exactly two years ago — Sunday, October 1st, 2006 — Brett and I went with our family to watch Facing the Giants in theaters. Here is what Brett wrote then:

At the strong recommendation of several of our readers, Alex and I went to see the film Facing the Giants with our family this evening. We entered the theater cautiously optimistic. We came out positively enthusiastic.

Despite an all-volunteer cast and only a $100,000 budget, Facing the Giants went beyond our expectations and several steps above almost any past independent Christian filmmaking effort.

Having attended two indie Christian film festivals and watched most of the popular independent Christian films in recent history, we can confidently say that this film has surpassed them all.

Several weeks later, at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, we got to spend time with one of the two brothers behind the film, Stephen Kendrick.

We were inspired by his passion and vision — and he was so excited about the Rebelution that he agreed to record a video message to all of you.

At that film festival in October 2006, Mr. Kendrick also made mention of a possible future film project. As official live-bloggers for the event, our notes read:

Their next project? Mr. Kendrick said that they are praying for a story that will teach men to love their wives like Christ loves the church. Sounds great to us.

That story became Fireproof — by far the most powerful movie we have seen in a long time. We’re not ashamed to say we cried (more than once). Starring Kirk Cameron, in his best performance to date, Fireproof is yet another giant step forward for Christian filmmaking. We cannot recommend it more highly.

This past Friday, we went with a group of fifteen fellow PHC students to watch it on its opening day. When it was over, the most frequently used word was: “Wow.” On Saturday, we got a second group together, this time with over twenty students — including several who were coming for the second time. It was that good.

Sure, teens and college students are not the target demographic of this film. Yes, it’s about marriage. But any person can benefit from this powerful story. In the words of a fellow student, “Every teen and young adult needs to see this movie.”

People are beginning to take notice. On opening weekend, Fireproof brought in over $6.5 million (and fourth place in the box office) despite showing on only 839 screens — and despite a budget of just around half a million dollars.

Character and Competence in Filmmaking

“But wait,” you might think. “Why is this a drop-everything-and-go-see-it movie? I’ve heard that it’s a low-budget Christian effort with more than a few cringe-inducing moments. What happened to character and competence?”

As fierce proponents of matching good intentions with technical skill, or put another way, not just having a message, but communicating that message with excellence, some might wonder why Brett and I are so high on a movie that, admittedly, falls short of its Hollywood counterparts in most of the technical aspects of filmmaking.

The answer to that question is important, not just for aspiring Christian filmmakers (and film critics), but for all rebelutionaries who want to impact the world for Christ.

A biblical emphasis on competence means that we never choose to sacrifice quality for convenience. It means we’re never satisfied with mediocrity. It means we’re always striving for greater excellence. It does not mean that we demand perfection. And it certainly does not mean that we trash efforts that fall short of our personal standards — particularly if we’ve never met those standards ourselves.

In Fireproof — as in Facing the Giants — we see biblical competence at work. Each film, Facing the Giants (building on their first film Flywheel) and Fireproof (building on Facing the Giants), improves on and surpasses their previous effort. And unlike any other group of independent Christian filmmakers thus far, they have produced films that are not just financially viable, but wildly successful.

More importantly, the Kendrick brothers’ have demonstrated high level competence in the most crucial part of filmmaking: narrative. In a unique way, they don’t just overcome the bumps and glitches caused by their low budget, volunteer cast, and relative inexperience — no, they absolutely overwhelm them by film’s end.

The power of story is the power of film — and in Fireproof the Kendrick brothers are master storytellers, bringing the truth of God’s Word to bear on real-life struggles in the lives of true-to-life characters. We heartily commend them, and we commend their film to you. Go watch it. Take friends. And let us know what you think.

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About the author

Alex and Brett Harris

are the co-founders of and co-authors of Do Hard Things and Start Here. They have a passion for God and for their generation. Their personal interests include politics, filmmaking, music, and basketball. They are both graduates of Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia.


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  • I am so excited! $6.5 million? Praise God! Hopefully this means they will have enough money to make more films soon! My family and I are going to see it this wednesday and I can’t wait! Go Sherwood Pictures!


    Do you have any ideas on how a girl in California could get involved with helping them?

    Sarah. 🙂

  • I went on opening night and wish I could go back to see it again. Definitely getting the DVD when it comes out. It was amazing. The message was so powerful. It was their best movie yet. Kirk Cameron did an excellent job of acting and Erin Bethea as well. Please go see it and support this movie! (Just make sure you take a box of kleenex.)

  • I appreciate what you have to say about the quality of the film, and how, as rebelutionaries, we accept the best one can give, not perfection. Instead of criticizing the fact that it may not live up to the standards of other film works, think of the ways in which it has far surpased what most could do with such a budget.
    Regardless of the quality, however, the fact that it is a film which clearly and unashamedly glorifies God while being put forth to the public (not just a Christian audience) is reason enough to support it. I have heard nothing but good things about it and praise God for the work he is doing through Sherwood ministry and those willing to put forth the very best of their talent regardless of their limitations.

  • How I wish, Fireproof DVDs will come soon here in the Philippines. You know, I only got to watch Facing the Giants 3 months ago and that’s after two years it was released.
    With Facing the Giants I wasn’t disappointed. I actually watched it 4 times to date. I wonder how many times am I going to watch Fireproof with your “Drop-Everything-and-Go-See-It” recommendation and the fact that you watched it twice and cried over it. =)

    Fireproof DVDs come fast!

    Btw, here’s an interesting video where Kirk Cameron talks about the movie and his stand on kissing [i]only[/i] his wife.

  • Fireproof was WOW!!! Yeah, effects wise it doesn’t match Holllywood, but for the budget they had, it was amazing. The message was wonderful. And, typical Sherwood, it had some very funny scenes thrown into the overall serious plot. You should definitly go see it!

  • “Fireproof” was superb! Thank you for bringing attention to it–this film deserves a lot of attention.

    I think the Kendrick brothers should do a sequel in which the Holts have offspring…and call it “Childproof.”

  • Thanks for promoting this movie!
    I had the opportunity to see a pre-screening in June. I LOVED it! Since then I have been working hard at promoting this movie. I think it’s really great that I can go to the movie theater and see people who are unashamed of the gospel, plus the Bible verse at the end of the movie was wonderful! I don’t even remember the last time I saw Scripture displayed on a movie screen! Anyways, I went to see the movie again this weekend, and was just amazed (again) at how well it applies to my relationship with Christ. I don’t need to be married for a movie like that to “hit home.”
    Again, thanks for promoting such a wonderful movie!!!
    May God continue to use this to turn the hearts of His people toward Him!

  • I went with a friend to see it on Saturday. I agree with everything you wrote – it’s a must-see film! Praise God for Sherwood Pictures and the faithfulness and hard work of everyone involved! I look forward to seeing how God uses this movie.

  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For mentioning Fireproof!!! I got to mention it to all my friends and some churches to see if they would help get it to Eugene Oregon!!! That is where I live and it is the most unchurched area I think in the U.S!! (Not a great reputation but… Oh well) This weekend it was a HUGE success here!!! It is staying for a week more and hopefully… God willing… it will stay for more weeks!!! People said it was impossible for it to come here and be successful but God is a God who makes all things possible… EVEN THE IMPOSSIBLE!!! Praise Jesus Christ. IN Him Anna

  • I am so excited to go see this movie on Friday with a friend of mine. It will actually be the first movie I’ve seen in theaters since the first Narnia and the first time I am paying for my own ticket (the few movies I’ve seen in theaters were my parents treat) and it sounds like it will be a movie worth spending the money to see. I’ve heard nothing but enthusiastic, positive reviews. 🙂

  • I was extremely excited to hear that the creators of “Facing the Giants” were making another movie. I just watched the trailer today, just watching the trailer made me want to cry…”Facing the Giants” has been my favorite movie for a long time, everytime I watch it, it just brings tears to my eyes, and I watch it quite a bit! 😉 I can’t wait to see “Fireproof”, and it sounds to me that it is going to be as good as “Facing the Giants”, or better! 😀

  • My husband and I saw it last night! It was wonderful! I am so thankful for Sherwood Baptist! I agree everyone should see it! It’s never to early to start preparing for marriage! God Bless!

  • I’ve seen the movie as well! And boy is it good:) I got to go the opening night with my family. It was really powerful!

    I would encourage anyone who hasn’t seen it to “See it!!!” You definitely will love it if you’re anything like me or my family:)

    God is so good and is proclaiming his name through these movies!

    In Christ,

  • I saw it with my mother last Saturday, and the film, for all of its low-budget mistakes (albeit minor), was captivating and beautiful. It’s not only for those are married, engaged, courting/dating, trying-to-find, etc., but for those who wish to see God move in a couple’s life and teach us about Christ’s love (one scene hits the latter home, and quite powerfully). I highly recommend it!



  • Yes, by all means go see it!!! My mom and three of my siblings and myself went to see it on Saturday. It was really good, and very encouraging to see the progress that the Kendrick brothers are continuing to make. It was well done and worth watching. The second weekend in the theaters is also a good one for ticket numbers and ‘movie popularity’, so if you can’t go till then, you still should.

  • I live in Cambodia, where there are no English-speaking movie theaters, so I’ll have to wait MONTHS for a good copy of Fireproof to be in the markets! Cos you know, everyone sneaks their cameras into the movie theaters and sells it as a pirated movie and they are TERRIBLE copies. You can’t get real movies or music here, though. But ANYWAY, I read about it here, watched the trailer and told my friend (we are both Rebelutionaries) and she was like, well, if the Harris Bros like it, then we GOTTA see it, and I was like yeah…
    Maybe we could even get it shown at our youth group… that would be awesome.
    Thanks for mentioning it, guys!

  • Hey Alex & Brett,
    Being at PHC means you’ve probably heard about Come What, right? I think it would be helpful if you guys say something about that too when it’s out there. That should be good.

  • oops, I missed part of the title. Come What May. Anyway, I’ve ordered a copy and can’t wait until it gets here, it looks like it will be excellent.

  • I went to see Fireproof last night, and I loved it so much that my dad, little brother, and I almost watched it again. But, because we had to get up early the next morning we didn’t stay at the theater. I hope to see Fireproof again soon, and with a big group of people. Everyone needs to see this movie! Thanks for the post about it; that was really good.


  • I’ve been hearing about this @ our local radio station(they’ve actually been talking to the Kendrick brothers). It sounds really great! Can’t wait for the next one!!

  • this movie looks soooooo coooooool i want to go and see it sooooooooo badly my friends saw it they said it was really good.:)

  • Fireproof was amazing! It was more intense than the last two movies produced by Sherwood, but incredibly inspiring. I have a special liking for it because I’m from a town about an hour away from where the church that makes these movies is located. In fact, one of my best friends played the little boy in Flywheel. I highly recommend Fireproof to anyone!!!

  • Originally, I was skeptical as to how much I would enjoy Fireproof, mainly because I didn’t think it would be applicable to me. I was proven wrong! I enjoyed it a lot, and it showed me that I need to stop focusing on myself and put my effort into serving others. Even though I’m a Junior in high school and (obviously) single, it still encouraged me. What a wonderful, wonderful film.

    The theater I went to (here in Chippewa, WI) was not the highest quality. The soundtrack wasn’t working, and though it did detract a lot from the emotional moments, the film was still great. It’s pretty amazing for a movie to still be great when the music sounded like a siren (or a Victrola/record player that needs to be wound) at the most emotional parts! I’m looking forward to watching it again when it comes out on DVD.

    I might also add that it was much more believable than Facing the Giants. Things didn’t go perfectly after Caleb became a Christian. After the coach in Facing the Giants dedicates himself to God, his job goes better, they win a whole bunch of games, the school has a revival, he gets a new truck, and his wife gets pregnant. Life doesn’t always work that way. Christianity doesn’t always work that way. Each movie gets better and better. All I’ll say is, “Keep them coming!” 🙂

  • I am so glad you guys are plugging this movie. It was so well done, especially for its budget. It has such a great storyline that I believe will really help people and change their lives. I am so excited about it, especially after watching it. =D It’s definitely a movie I would watch again.

  • Haven’t gotten to go see it yet, but I have heard so many positive things about it. Indeed, it looks like they do better with each new production. Yet the thing I love is that Sherwood and the actors involved kept standards during the filming (Kirk Cameron kissing his real wife instead of the actress–as he will only kiss his wife) That is not prominent in the film industry today!

  • Yes, yes, YES!! I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time! Hopefully it will be shown in theatres in Australia – otherwise I’ll have to wait many more months to see it on DVD. 🙁

  • I’m definitely going to buy Fireproof when it comes out on DVD!

    These stories speak straight to the heart.



  • I love the line in the trailer about leading your heart, not just following it. That’s a great option that the world likes to pretend doesn’t exist. Sounds like this movie will undo a lot of worldly precedents; praise the Lord! I can’t wait to see it.

  • I can’t wait to see the movie. We’ve seen the other ones and they were so great, and we’ve heard lots of good things about Fireproof, but your post made me want to see it even more.



  • I went to watch the movie with my College & Career group from church. It was really awesome!

    There’s a guy at my (community) college who keeps mentioning he’s just not “into religion” and I keep trying to figure out how to get him to come to church or something. I found out today that he is a firefighter/paramedic, and so I immediately jumped at the opportunity and told him to go see Fireproof. He didn’t promise that he’d go see it, because, after all, it is a “religious” movie, but he said he’d check it out. It was totally God–I could not have timed that more perfectly! Please pray he goes to see it! (His name is Eric.)

  • Forgot to add–opening night was actually sold out some places here in Maryland!! Friends from our church had to buy the tickets online hours beforehand!

  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out, and I saw it yesterday with my family. It was awesome! I absolutely loved it! It had such a clear gospel message. And you’re not the only ones that cried. =) It was a tear-jerker. Thanks for spreading the word about Fireproof, Alex and Brett.

  • I was so excited to see this movie! But I went to the theater on opening night and it was sold out right before I got there. 🙁 I was real disappointed, but I was glad, too, that it was so popular!! Love Sherwood films!

  • Wow, 4th in the box office??? Thats amazing, I never would have expected that! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but am really looking forward to it, I’ve heard great things about it. 🙂

  • Heheh, go to that review about Fireproof then read the comments. Sounds like a good show, but it’s not playing within miles of my house. 🙁

  • “Wow!” is right! 🙂 This movie was and is absolutely stunning. The gospel was so clearly proclaimed!!! – and that makes my heart smile.

    Everyone I know who saw it has been totally blessed by it.

  • Its such a blessing to see people, like the scriptwriters for this movie, using thier talents in a rebelutionary way. The movie was overwhelmingly good (and, to be fair, better than many of hollywood’s efforts). Not all, but many, many movies are much lower in quality than Fireproof and yet are not scruntinized because they don’t dare carry the label “Christian” or “family-friendly.” I enjoyed it whole-heartedly, and not just because of the label.

    Also, did anyone else who say the movie notice alot of folks talking about it outside the theater afterwards? It was a new sensation to hear people talk about a movie AT THE THEATER. At least for me.

  • Well I’m fifteen and I absolutely love movies. This may not be my kind of movie, but I can really see how it is such an amazing film for two brothers who are making their way in the film industry.

    I am striving to make my own movies and put effort into making them glorifying to God. It’s difficult in such an Evil world were the media is the most influential model but is run by mostly liberal sponsors. I just don’t have the equipment and man power that I need to make some really awesome films that have extremely important messages.
    The world is a War Zone, and God has given us the weapons to fight it, all we need is to be faithful to him and he’ll give us our victories.

  • Hi Brett and Alex!

    I am a 15 year old in South Carolina, and I just finished reading the first two chapters of your book “do hard things”, and all I can say is WOW! WAY TO GO! You have challenged me and inspired me! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Now I need to go FINISH the book so my best friend can read it too!

    In Christ alone,
    Hannah Grace.
    Psalm 139:14

  • Oh, and any chance you guys will be coming to Greenwood or Greenville ,South Carolina, anytime soon?

    In Christ alone,
    Hannah Grace
    Psalm 139:14

  • Saw it opening weekend and loved it as well! I thought it was the best-made Christian movie I’ve ever seen and held its own against Hollywood counterparts. I’m hoping to see it again this weekend. It’s been several days since I saw it and I’m still thinking about it – it’s totally worth the time and money. As a Christian filmmaker myself, it really gave me hope that Christian films are not getting worse, but are very quickly becoming more and more top-notch, and I think we’ll see more examples of this in the next few years. Bravo Kendrick brothers!!!

  • I saw Fireproof last Saturday. It is Sherwood Picture’s best movie yet. They did a wonderful job in every aspect of the film. The actors, the script and the filming were great and above all it was blatantly Christian. Definitely go and see Fireproof… you won’t regret it.

  • I saw this movie on Monday. I didn’t cry, but I got pretty close. It is a really good movie, even better than Facing the Giants. Go see it!

  • I’m going with my HomeEc class to see this on Friday. I was just excited to have an afternoon off school, but now I’m honestly excited to see the movie. I got chills just watching the previews. Thanks for promoting it!

  • I saw this movie twice in two days, and got something out of it both times. Even though i’m not married, and don’t date, i still got some incredible life lessons out of it. God can use anything to change peoples lives. If someone walked into that movie doubting there is a God, they definately walked out with questions and a new awareness of how powerful He is. I’m excited to hear the life-transforming stories of people who were effected by this movie!

  • Abby P.,

    In your last post you wrote:

    “After the coach in Facing the Giants dedicates himself to God, his job goes better, they win a whole bunch of games, the school has a revival, he gets a new truck, and his wife gets pregnant. Life doesn’t always work that way. Christianity doesn’t always work that way.”

    While Christianity doesn’t always work that way, I’d like to point out that there are times that God does choose to bless people like that. Specifically, in our family, my Dad was given a new car just when he needed it to go to his new job, and later, after his employer threatened to fire him, the Lord changed the employers heart and gave my dad a 50% raise instead!

    But I do understand your point.

    I can’t wait to go see Fireproof! 🙂

  • I’m so excited about this movie and how God is going to use it to change the hearts of Americans! I just want to give a standing ovation to the Kendrick brothers and all those who were involved with the film. I’m going to see “Fireproof” this evening–and I can’t wait!

  • I went and saw this movie with my family last friday and I have to say it’s definitely a drop-everything-and-go-see-it movie! It’s amazing I think everybody, no matter what age, should see it. Sherwood films just keep getting better and better!


  • I usually avoid going to the movies like the plague; however, I knew that the Kendrick brothers were the creators of the film. So I went to see it, and bawled my eyes out. Usually movies don’t fulfill you the way that one does. I’m so excited about the success it’s been having, too. Thank you for mentioning it! 🙂

  • I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to. My parents went and saw a premiere showing of it and they loved it.

  • Wilberforce,

    That’s really exciting how that worked out for your dad! The only concern I have with everything working out in Facing the Giants is that people will get the false impression that if they become a Christian, everything will work out right for them. God promises that He won’t allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear, but he doesn’t say that everything will go our way. Do you see what I’m saying? Fireproof showed how Caleb’s heart changed after he became a Christian, and how the knowledge and understanding of Christ’s love shaped his love for his wife. Great movie!

  • I didn’t expect a whole lot from this movie since Facing the Giants didn’t impress me, but Fireproof was a whole lot better than I expected. The acting was a little “church movie” type at points but the story was great, the symbolism was great, and it was overall one of the best movies I’ve seen this year.

  • Wow, someone just recommended that movie to me an hour ago. And then i got on and you’re recommending it, must be a sign. Haha. Sounds really good! =D

    In Christ Alone,
    Rebecca Whitpan

  • I have been waiting for this movie for a long time! I am really looking forward to seeing it! I’m pretty sure I’ll cry…I cried for Flywheel and Facing the Giants.

  • I agree 100%! FIREPROOF is one of the best movies ive seen in a really long time…im going to see it again with another group of friends this weekend! its just a great reminder that love isnt always easy, but that its a comittment and it takes a lot of work! (and i know i need to be reminded of that) like that song in the movie says “love is not a fight, but its something worth fighting for!” 🙂


  • I just wanted to add my thoughts to the discussion about “Facing the Giants” implying that becoming a Christian makes life easy. I’ve only seen the movie once (so maybe I shouldn’t be commenting!) but as I recall, the message I received was a little different. Yes, after the team had their “transformation” they did win several times. But when they faced one of their bigger games, they lost. Even though this was a huge disappointment for them, they STILL thanked and praised God. I think this was one of the key points in the movie. Then several days/weeks later, the team was informed that the opposing team had cheated, and therefore was eliminated. So in the end the team was rewarded for their faith and trust in God’s sovereign plan. Everything did work out, which I agree doesn’t always happen in everyday life, but it IS a movie after all – it has to have a happy ending! But I do think it was shown that trust in God is always the most important thing – despite the possible negative outcome.

    Anyway, since this IS a post about “Fireproof”… my family and I saw it the other night and we all cried. This movie has an incredible message that applies to everyone, and as someone else posted, when was the last time you saw scripture on a movie screen?! So go see it! 🙂

  • I loved that movie too. It so good and has the power to change lives and marriges. And I cried too. : )

    If have not gone to go see it you should.


  • Thanks for sharing the link, Grace! I had heard that, but I didn’t know where to confirm it.

    Alex, I remember in your book Do Hard Things you talked about interviewing Leeland….is that the same group who played “Brighter Days” in Fireproof?


  • I watched the movie opening weekend, and I really liked it. I LOOOVED the music. I want to do While I’m Waiting by John Waller next time our team does the worship service at our church. I can tell that they are Casting Crowns fans. I think they have at least one Casting Crowns song in every movie. So, yeah, great movie.

  • O my gosh… it was just one of those “wow” films. We (my fam & I) went to see it yesterday… and it was incredible. I really appreciate your recommendation, and I am definitely planning on buying this one when it comes out!!

  • That movie was so amazing! I got out of the theatre and told my friends and family to go see it. It sends such a good message. There were several times when the whole theatre just started clapping. 🙂

  • Okay I am so excited I just have to tell someone!!! I thought this would be the best place to do it. I live in Eugene Oregon and this town is known for not being very excepting of Christian films (or anything Christian for that matter) (some think that Christian films won’t make it in Eugene), Facing The Giants didn’t even make it to the Theaters here, but a lady (who will remain nameless for now) at a local church here got it in her heart to get Fireproof in Theaters in Eugene. We only needed 1,000 people to show up opening weekend for the show to be successful and God DOUBLED IT!!! 2,000 people showed up!!!! We are already hearing of marriages being saved from the brink of divorce because of watching this film. That’s not all… its staying in our theaters yet ANOTHER WEEK!!!! God is so amazing. He is a God who makes all things possible… Even the IMPOSSIBLE!!! (wait… that doesn’t make sense because there’s nothing impossible with God!!! “smile”) In Christ Anna

  • Joy M.

    I just want to clarify that Facing the Giants is one of my favorite movies. I’ve watched it about six times, I think. I’m not saying that it doesn’t teach important concepts, or that it hasn’t helped me to mature in my thinking. I was just trying to say that while Facing the Giants was a great film, Fireproof was even better (as far as believability, etc). I hope you all don’t view me as “little miss negative”! 😉 All of the Kendricks’ films are great, and I hope they keep making more!

  • I went to see Fireproof last night and it was incredible. I felt like crying about the sad parts and clapped in a couple of places, and everyone laughed dozens of times. We now have a whole new repertoire of inside jokes.
    But aside from that, it inspired me and challenged me that love is a decision, that you shouldn’t depend on your feelings, and that God *is* merciful and faithful. The morals were excellent. I wish all movies were like this.
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. I wish I could see it again. I hope they make more like it soon.
    And I hope to buy it when it comes out on DVD.

  • Aw, I really want to see it now! I wish it was playing around here, it kind of bums me out. Oh well, wait for the dvd. Sigh.

  • Abby P:

    Seeing as you’ve watched “Facing the Giants” six times and I’ve only seen it once, maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. 😉 And I don’t think you were being too negative either. Sorry if I came off that way! But I do agree with you that the message of “Fireproof” was even stronger and clearer. They just keep getting better and better!

    In Christ,


  • Fireproof was amazing — indisputably a “drop-everything-and-go-see-it” film. Kirk Cameron played his character incredibly well. I enjoyed it immensely. It was emotionally gripping, and more than once I found myself frozen to the spot with bated breath as a tense scene played out.

    Albeit it is one of the top movies on my “list,” I must be completely and fully fair. There were a couple of moments which might have been better left on the editing floor. The message, however, was the most important thing, and I believe it made a real impact. It was about marriage, but as you said, Brett and Alex, it applies to anyone. I’ve heard the phrase “Love isn’t a feeling; it’s an action,” and I think it is completely true. I learned so much about what love truly is, and I was especially touched by the line, “How do you keep on loving someone when you get rejected over and over?” That’s exactly what Jesus went through. We ought to strive hard to be like him, even when our good intentions are ignored.

    Although this movie has been playing in the theater we went to for about 12 days or so, I was surprised when we entered the room. It was almost full. People really are recognizing it, and it’s amazing that the Kendrick brothers are endeavoring to bring a clean, moral, quality movie into the mostly trashy industry.

    There are two or three action-packed, on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments, and those weren’t trite whatsoever. I thought they were well-acted and very exciting.

    This has exceeded expectations, and I hope to see it again.

    I challenge myself and all of you to “The Love Dare.”

  • Wow, that looks incredible. I have always had a fear that I won’t know how to have as amazing of a marraige as my parents, and just seeing in the trailer how he made her coffee and called her for no reason reminded me of my parents and just pointed them out for me as things that I could do in the future if it is in God’s plan for me to be married some day.

  • Joy M.

    I think you did bring up a valid point, Joy, and like I said, there were good things and bad things. With how each movie has been improving, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! 😀 Thank you for being so gracious and sweet!

  • I am sooo excited about this movie, just as I was about Facing the Giants. They are both high on my list of favorites, and I am eagerly awaiting any future Sherwood movies. My sister and I went to see Fireproof last Friday night, and I was so moved by it that I was determined to get the rest of my youth group to see it. Saturday morning I got on the phone and got a group together to go Sunday afternoon after church. Even though we only had 10 to go, I believe each and every one was impacted by it, even the guys who vehemently denied crying at all once it was over!!!

    I believe God has already been this film in an amazing way and will continue to do so. I am thrilled that it did so well in the box office. We Christians need to show the world that movies like this can succeed. One of the best things to me was being able to go see a movie whithout wondering what content was in it and if I would walk out of the theater regretting watching it. Hopefully this movie will prove to other filmakers that clean, Christian movies can succeed, and that a movie does not have to have violence, bad language, or explicit sex to be successful.

    I believe God has given the Kendrick brothers an amazing vision and talent for making movies that truly touch hearts and lives, and I hope they continue to use those gifts to make others. Kirk Cameron has also been one of my favorite actors over the years. Not only do I respect him as an actor, but as a dynamic Christian who is on fire for God. The kiss thing was absolutely precious! In this day and age, who cares about a little kiss, you know? At least that’s the reaction from most people, but to me, it shows that some things are still sacred in this world. I am one of those “not kissing until my wedding day” girls, but when I tell people that, they stare at me like I grew a second head! It is encouraging to know that there are others who believe that such things are special enough to be shared only by a husband and wife.

    Well, enough of my ramblings, but I just had to comment on how thrilled I am about this movie. It has definitely made a bigger impact on me than I thought possible- from making me take another look at my relationship with Christ to making me think about how I want to treat my future husband. Sherwood gets a big round of applause for putting a message like this out there, but God gets the ultimate credit. Where would any of us be without the ultimate “Love Dare?” Without his unconditional love for us, we wouldn’t be able to truly love Him or anyone else. All glory and praise to Him for his UNFAILING LOVE!!!! *Romans 8:35-39*

  • I liked the movie Facing the Giants to. But I thought it could have used a little different writing, I mean seriously, a underdog boy named David defeating the giants? Where does that come from? Another football movie I would suggest readers watching is We Are Marshall, great movie, I honestly I think it is a little better then Facing the Giants.

  • Great movie!!!!!
    As I was walking into the theater to see Fireproof, I saw everyone else walking into the different movies they were going to see. I felt like going up to people and saying, “NO! Don’t watch those movies! Watch Fireproof! It’s AMAZING! Your missing out!” I was filled with joy when I came out of Fireproof and I wanted so badly for everyone else in that theater to feel the same way I did! HAHA
    You’re totally right, teens can benefit from it as well!

  • […] But then on the Rebelution blog: …That story became Fireproof — by far the most powerful movie we have seen in a long time. We’re not ashamed to say we cried (more than once). Starring Kirk Cameron, in his best performance to date, Fireproof is yet another giant step forward for Christian filmmaking. We cannot recommend it more highly. […]

  • I couldn’t agree more!! 🙂 My family went to see Fireproof when it opened here – what a great movie! It was sure wonderful to see a movie that showed a couple make it through to the other side, instead of falling apart. Definitely the most emotional acting I have ever seen from Kirk Cameron and actress Erin Bethea did a beautiful job also…certainly a cry-along movie! The scene that really hit me the most was Caleb and his dad, explaining salvation, and the shot pulls back to reveal the cross…wow. How many times do we do to God what we take other people to task for? Really a message that applies to so many relationships.

  • I doubt it will come to theaters in my area (Northern California) so I’ll have to wait for the DVD…I’m really excited to see it though, it sounds amazing.

  • I absolutely loved the movie. I went the day after it came out with my family, and we drove two hours to see it. (it’s not showing here in my town)

    I was really intrigued by the fact that I saw a few boys around my age and of my age that were going to see it by themselves. (:

    & I cried too. haha, many times. Never balled, but I teared up alot.

    Anyway, definitely buying it on DVD.

  • While I appreciate your endorsement of this finely-made Christian film (we also enjoyed Facing the Giants and Flywheel) I personally have a check in my spirit about this movie being viewed by young women and maybe even young men. Not sure about that one. I think that young people in general need to be very careful about ‘awakening love before its time’. (Song of Songs) I also think that some kinds of movies and books (think Christian romance novels by Gilbert Morris or even, dare I say it? Pride and Prejudice!) can allow a certain ‘picture’ of ‘the perfect mate’ creep into the subconscious and remain there….plotting its evil discontent in the mind of the believer. Then when you DO meet God’s Mr. (or MRS>) “Right” someday, and he DOES NOT STAND UP against Mr. Darcy (or our fireproof hero!) then that ugly discontent can set in. And it is UGLY! I have been there. And so, should young people be flocking to this movie?? I say NO. I am not even sure that married women ought to see it for the reasons of comparison I just mentioned. But I certainly think that EVERY MARRIED MAN, Christian or not! Especially the unbelievers! Should go see this move, own it on DVD, do all the Bible studies and TAKE THE LOVE DARE CHALLENGE! I guess that it would be good for young unmarried men too. As far as unmarried Christian, pure young men, there should be caution, I believe, in terms of the awakening ‘passions’ before their time. I refer to the well-masked scene /dialogue concerning his internet addiction. Some here will say I am a naive mother (!) to think that that is not ALREADY going on in the Christian community of young men! I am not naive there. But if ONE young man goes to see the movie and thinks that perchance (?) something might be WRONG with him that he does not have this struggle too (!) then the movie has missed its mark. So wisdom is required, as in all things. I personally think that the conservative Christian home school family (your obvious audience here at this site) should definitely support this film being seen by the general public (for ratings reasons as well as content and its hopeful effects on righteous behavior in our nation and world) as well as ALL THE CHRISTIAN MEN who sit in churches every Sunday (or Saturday!) Men should take their male neighbors. And then, after they had that great time with the men, invite the whole families over to your home with popcorn and show them Flywheel and Facing the Giants. Smile.
    That is my two motherly cents.
    Blessings on your ministry!
    May your main messages reach many unbelievers and those within the faith who have drifted from its purity………
    Mrs. C

  • I finally got to see “Fireproof”! It was absolutly wonderful! I especially the cake at the end. 🙂


    “I have heard that there is some explicit information about pornography in the beginning of the film” Where did you hear that? In the movie the main character (an unsaved man) is looking at pornographic websites in a few scenes, but they do not let you see anything. In the end though, the girl is wearing a backless dress. But they never show her from the back so you really can’t see much. And her hair covers most of it. I hope that explains everything for you. 🙂

    Christin A.,

    Thanks for that link to the Kirk Cameron video. I totally agree with him! If you are married, only kiss your spouse. If you are not married, save your first kiss for your wedding!

    Abby P.,

    Wilberforce(my brother 🙂 ) didn’t have the time to write back but just know that he understands what you meant and agrees with you.

    God bless everyone!

    Sarah 🙂

  • Mrs. C:

    I think you made a good point, but I would also like to make a point myself.

    Let’s face it, almost every movie you come across has some sort of romantic plot. Music is all about love and relationships. Our culture is completely saturated with finding love (which is now being interpreted more as “finding pleasure,” I might add). The message so constantly is in front of us is that love isn’t about the person, it’s all about attraction. Consequently, people’s standards for a spouse are getting lower and lower, as long as that person is pleasing physically. So for me at least, Fireproof was an encouragement to keep my standards for a God-fearing husband as high as ever. I think I can safely say that there should be more of a concern about the young Christian population (myself included) having too low of standards for a godly spouse than having too high of standards. At least, that is what I can conclude from the people I interact with.

    But I do think you bring up a very valid point about the dangers of having too high of standards. I know this is something I myself have struggled with in daily relationships. I find myself expecting perfection from the people around me: whether it be my parents, sibling, or friends. Of course, every time I set all my hopes on that person, I am disappointed. We are all human and destined to fail! But it is a constant reminder to me of Colossians 3:1, which says, “Set your hearts on on things above… not on earthly things.” That for me is one of the most important things I look for in a future relationship – that my (and his) duty needs to be first and foremost to Christ, and second to each other. That, for me, is the only way a godly marriage can truly flourish. Granted, I have never been married, so I do not speak from experience. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope this is coming off as respectful and polite. If not, I fully intend it that way.

    Alex, Brett – if you have anything to add please do!

    In Christ,


  • i loved it.i got to see it a coulpe months ago at the SBC convention.SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrs. C,

    While I have not yet seen this movie, I don’t think there is any harm in, or anything wrong about, young women being shown the highest of standards with regards to their future spouse — as long as they are Godly standards. Just as an earthly father would want his daughter to be careful in what she looks for in a future husband (loyalty, undivided love, respect, honesty, etc.) I believe that God also wants His daughters to be careful in what we look for in a future husband (a heart for Him, the ability to lead us, compassion for His people, passion for His work, loyalty to His call, selflessness, purity, the willingness to surrender and keep all in God’s Hands, courage and persistence, etc.). I have never met anyone with these kinds of high standards who ended up discontent in a relationship or without reward for their patience. But I do know (or know of) many women, young as well as old, who thought these things were just a “given” or who did not wait (or know they should wait) for the kind of man God would choose for them and so ended up with a husband who did not have a heart for God or for them. These kinds of standards you seem to be referring to, rather than make women relax their own behavior and become selfish and “needy” in a relationship, actually instead inspires us (me, at least) to be the kind of woman God would be pleased to give a man like that (how can I better submit to God and His transforming work so as to be cut as a fine gem in such a way that I will bring both God’s Heart and this heart fashioned after His the most joy when I am chosen from among the others and treasured — how can I, when I am given in marriage, make him feel treasured and rewarded?) — and if in a relationship, I think a presentation of them in this manner would be an encouragement to not give up thinking their man is just not a giving, loving, serving kind of person, but to pray that God would change his heart to make it like Jesus’ Heart for His Bride. It may just be me, but quite often I do catch myself thinking that family I know and love will never change and love me — it’s a good spark of hope to be reminded that God can still do a work in people like that and redeem relationships that you had forsaken.

  • ‘Wow’ is right! What a wholesome, enriching movie! May God use this film to restore a high view of marriage which is so lacking in our culture today.

    Thanks for posting this Alex and Brett!

    God bless!

  • Mrs. C,

    I personally cannot see anything wrong with watching movies such as “Fireproof” or “Pride and Prejudice”. In both these films the “Mr. Right” is a wonderful man with a great character. In fact, at the end of “Fireproof” his wife says “You are a good man” and that is why she loves him so. How does that give us the wrong impression of what our future spouse may be? Of course we need to know that they are not going to be perfect, no one is! But again, in both “Fireproof” and “Pride and Prejudice” you see that Mr. Darcy and Caleb Holt are also imperfect. However, I do agree that most films made today do make “Mr. Right” the dashing, pefect, and irresistable man that does not really exist and if that is what we are hoping our husband is going to be like, then we are indeed in for a disappointment. I am sorry if I am coming across as being disrespectful. I do not intend it that way.

    Oh, and by the way. When I spoke of “Pride and Prejudice” I was refering to the book and the older version of the movie with Colin Firth which I highly recomend!

    God bless!

    Sarah. 🙂

  • My mom and dad went to see this movie for a date night. I wanted to go, but, being only 15 and not thinking a lot about marriage, I thought it was better to wait and let my parents hang out. It sounds really great,though! My parents think every couple should see it!

  • Mrs. C,

    I have been taught (and personally seen it proved time and again) that young women and young men should have high Biblical standards for their future husbands or wives. That way they know when they’ve got the right one. The fewer standards, the more people fit them. I believe that a person has to keep standards high not only for “the other”, but for themself too, as a control, otherwise they might end up with a person that God did not intend for them to have.

    Men are not perfect, I will admit. However, neither are women. My church suggested that married people go see the movie together. Otherwise, women might get the “fireman hero” idea and expect their husbands to live up to it. But, on the other side, if a man’s marriage is failing because of the woman (as in Fireproof) and he goes to see it by himself, he might think that “if only I do the Love Dare, everything will work out.” Which, as we know, is not always true.

  • It is undoubtedly amazing. The most amazing thing to me isn’t the movie in itself; it is the humilty in which it was made.

  • I am almost seventeen years old and I went and saw this movie. It was well known in my church and wall all over our community/prayer lists. I figured that it was going to be just another dumb love story. I was sadly mistaken. It definitely shows the do’s and don’ts of a marriage. I actually learned a lot from it. I was proud to be one of a few teens sitting in that room to watch it. The effects of the movie were immediate. Husbands and wifes walked out with tear stained cheeks and hands clasped tight. It was really sweet and it’s awesome to see what the power of just one uplifting movie can do to people.

    10 thumbs up!!! =D

  • Fireproof was amazing! I loved the other movies, Flywheel and Facing the Giants and Fireproof was great. There were so many moments in the movie that were so thought provoking even as an unmarried person. What touched me the most is when the character that Kirk Cameron plays just has to wait on the Lord and sense I am a waiting season in my life, that is what touched me the most and there is definitley lessons in this movie that are important to know for the future. Fireproof was so good. If you can go see it!

  • Oh my goodness Fireproof is AWWESSSOMMMEEE!!!!!! I went and saw it with a group of friends on Monday…and it was completely…WOW. I really want to go see it again, but unfortunately i don’t think that’s going to happen…:-( Oh well. So now i’m just waiting for it to come to dvd!!! I can’t WAIT!!!:-D

  • I love how Kirk Cameron boldly professed purity in the fact he said that he would only kiss his wife. So in the one scene they switched the lady who played his “wife” for his REAL wife… which I think is great. WAY TO GO!!!!

  • I just went and saw Fireproof–it was fantabulous!!! Every teen and couple should see it…just bring Kleenexes and don’t wear mascara. 🙂

  • Hey guys don’t worry the only other time I’ve cried that much is when I saw the Passion and boy was I crying. I’ve just returned from the annual Movieguide thingy here in Ga. I’m telling ya that God is useing that ministry for the glory of His kingdom. I just wanted to say this because they could not stop talking about the movie. I love this movie and believe its the best I’ve seen in along time. I think the best part of the movie is when he puts the rose’s in place of the computer and says that he loves her more. That was sweet… And yes I cried then to. And I’m just so glad that they showed how he had a hard time with that, because I know I do, and I know every man does. Its a battle that we fight every day, against the flesh, against the powers of darkness, and against satan himself… Gentlmen we must stand together in this battle, and pray for one another… And I totally agree with waiting to kiss till the wedding day. I am 19 years old and hope and pray that I may keep my vow not to kiss a girl till I’m married. I only say this because I have read your Brothers book. I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Because of what he says about guys needing to treat young ladies as sister in the Lord, and that we should stand up, and be a mighty warrior for them. In doing this we don’t do anything that may distory their honor. And that in my eyes is waiting for the wedding day. Its also something my worship leader did when he was ingaged, did I spell that right? Anyways when he got married neither her nor him had never kissed before that day and they said it was wonderful. So it can be done. I just pray that I can do it.

  • Jordan Whitmire,

    Way to go! I totally agree about saving first kisses for your spouse! Would you recomened “I kissed Dating Goodbye”? I am wanting to get it but I am curious what other people think of it.

    God bless!

    Sarah. 🙂

    BTW, you almost spelled “Engaged” right. It’s just with an “E” instead of an “I”. Don’t worry though. I am always misspelling things as well. 🙂

  • I would totally recomened it to you. It isn’t just a book for guys but also for girls. It really help me to see why my parents didn’t want me to date, but to do courtship, and the Lord then gave me a deeper desire not to want to date. It is a great read. I hope the Lord will allow you to find time to read it. I’m purty sure you will enjoy it. : -). Oh and thank you for the spell check.

  • Jordan Whitmire,

    Thank you! Oh, and I hope you didn’t think I was just trying to be mean in giving you the spelling check. I realized later that there really was no need for me to tell you. Sorry.

    God bless!

    Sarah. 🙂

  • Its my pleasure, and don’t worry I ask if I spelled it correctly, and you let me know that I did, and it didn’t come across as you being mean to me. Thank you again for you thoughtfullness. And my the Lord Bless you as well.

  • 6.5 million????? WOW!!! I saw that movie about a week or two ago and yes, Kirk Cameron rocks!!
    Hey Alex,
    Do you have any idea how a kid from Northwest Georgia could get involved.
    I loved this movie. . . GO SHERWOOD PICTURES

  • I went and saw fireproof a couple weeks ago. it is an awesome movie. Ihope that it can change peoples lives for the better.

  • I just saw it for the second time. It really is an incredible movie. It gave me a lot to think about when it comes to marriage as well. The media doesn’t tell us what it’s like to go through hard times in marriage. It tells us to try it out and see if it works for us. Actually, it tells us to try it out before we get married, but I won’t go there. Anyway, I highly recommend this movie. It will probably make you cry… but nothing wrong with that. I am a very unemotional person, and my eyes were watery quite a few times. The gospel message is clear in it as well.

    One of the neatest things for me was to see the change in a guys heart that was sitting behind me. I’d guess that we was dragged into this movie not knowing what it was about. He was cussing throughout the entire movie. It was a bit annoying, but I was praying that God would speak through the movie to him. There is a part where a popup linked to inappropriate websites comes up and he even said audible “click the link.” I was a bit shocked that he would say that out loud. Anyway, at the end of the movie, he said… “I really need to get that book!” He was referring to “The Love Dare” which is throughout the movie. It was such a blessing to see how God had worked in his heart in just that short amount of time.

    If you haven’t seen it, go see it!

  • Hey, did you all know that Alex Kendrick (Director and actor) and Jimmy McBride (Bobby Lee Duke) were on Mike Huckabee’s show “Huckabee” last saturday night? And they said that the movie has now brought in over 20 Million Dollars!!! Is God blessing them or what? Keep those movies coming!

    God bless!

    Sarah. 🙂

  • My brother Mattias showed me this movie clip and he said I hope all Christians will own it I think everyone should at least see it.This movie looks very interesting I and I ca’nt wait to see it and hopefully own it.

  • I finally got to go see if Friday night and repeating what everyone else has already said… WOW!!! I went with my fiancee, and it truly gave me a new respect and attitude for the way I treat her, and not only her but my mother as well. I cried. She cried. It was a wonderful experience. We’re definitely getting the DVD when it comes out. Hopefully we can spread the experience to the rest of our church, especially the youth. Many thanks for recommending the movie, guys.

  • I got to watch this movie a couple of weeks ago. I went with some friends, two of which were my best friend and boyfriend/other best friend. I’m glad they were there. I needed them as I cried through most of the movie. It was a hard movie to watch for me. It was like reliving my family life about 3-4 years ago. It was so similar to my parents. Thankfully God blessed and healed my family just as He does in Fireproof. I cant wait for the chance to show this movie to my parents. Everyone needs to see this movie. It may be hard to watch, but it is also an amazing blessing.

  • I loved this movie. I truly believe that the church’s movies are getting better as time progresses, and I hope that they will continue to do so to reach out to the unsaved. The church I go to is absolutly amazing. God works through the people each day. The friends I have made there are truly a blessing. I am the only teen/person in the church that goes to public school. Everyone else is homeschooled. Our church is made up of 100 to 150 people, so we are all very close. Anyways, one of the strong Christian woman and her husband and I were talking at a bonfire a few weeks before the movie came out. We had all seen the preview on tv on the same day. We were so excited! (Their family bought Facing the Giants about a year and a half ago and “passed” it around the church.) I got the idea that we needed a movie night. So them and all my close friends in the church and a couple friends with that couple went to see it. Almost all of us cried (even Daniel, a fun, goofy, loving, but very devoted 22 year old young Christian man). At the end we sat their in silence and waited for the credits to finish. We got up, tiery eyed and smiling and went to the hallway of the theatre area, right outside “the movie room.” We stood, talking about the message in the movie and reflecting over the heart racing scenes. We got something to eat and ate at a nearby park and “played like children” their. It was about 25 of us that night, at the movie and park. We went to my home and drank hot chocolate (still talking about the amazing movie) around the kitchen island. I hope many people will see this movie when it comes out. The Lord is definetly using this church to reach out to the people in this land. Once they do that the people will reach out to the world and the world to Christ (Well, maybe not this one movie and church, but still…..) This was one of the best nights of my life, and I hope the movie will change theirs like it did mine.

  • I saw this movie the day after it came out and it was AWESOME!! I have watched every movie that Sherwood Church has produced….let me tell you that get better and better. I love Alex Kendrick’s passion for Christian movies. It means that I can actually watch something without any swear words and other junk. It gives me a perspective on how I should treat my spouse when i get married. I cried in parts of the movie because I know that marriages fall apart like this everyday but, instead of trying to fix it they let it fall apart. I am just very grateful for this movie

  • I want to go see it, soon… i am glad there are movies out there inspired by God… you know?? i just am happy to see God working in people who are wiling to sell themselves out for Him. it is encouraging and helps me get through these high school years… (what a drag!) Lol, i can’t wait to see what God does with this movie production!!

  • Yay! I finally got to see it! I’ve waited for it since September! 😀 I still can’t believe that I’ve seen it. God really worked through the Sherwood Creative Ministry. I pray that God will bless them with more ideas for culture-changing films. I want to watch it again and again!

  • its such a great movie it inspired me as well. my mum got it from the
    christian book store and i watched that night!!

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  • Great movie! Love the idea of “childproof” good for teens because it shows you how to prepare for a future marriage

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