rebelling against low expectations

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is co-founder of and co-author of Do Hard Things, along with his twin brother, Alex. He is married to his best friend, Ana, who blogs at He is the founder of the Young Writers Workshop — an ongoing coaching program for serious writers.


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  • That’s beautiful. Praise God fir Roger- his life is NOT worthless!!!
    And even with our struggles, we can put our trust in God, knowing He will turn everything for our good. Praise The Lord!

  • Wow. That is just amazing. I could tell just from his words that he loved Jesus with his WHOLE heart. What an awesome example of thankfulness!

  • Thank you Roger. I needed to hear this testimony that you spoke so beautifully! It humbled me, it shamed me, it made me refocus my perspective. Jesus has been doing that a lot lately, and I am grateful. Never doubt your value, your worth, your purpose — you are truly God’s instrument! You have blessed me, and again I thank you for sharing your heart and your love for Jesus!

  • This is wonderful. It put tears in my eyes, and not many things make me cry. I wish I could meet this man!

  • Hey Roger – I hope you’re reading this – and that our words help you feel less lonely. It’s great you shared your heart. Helping people without CP understand what it’s like is a powerful ministry. About that loneliness mate – I know perfectly able bodied people who are lonely too. Work out who you can connect with – then go ahead and do it. Don’t give up – For want of a better analogy – have a Bear Grylls attitude. Looking forward to meeting you in heaven – where none of us will be lonely and trapped in less than perfect bodies. Warmest regards, Beau

  • Amazing and very sobering…I think Roger understands what life really is about way better than most of us ‘normal’ people do…

  • This has put a whole new perspective on the word, “today”. I would love it if someone, somehow, somewhere, could share these comments with him.

  • Odd how this man will have an easier time in heaven (which is forever rather than the temporary here) with the fully moving body he deserves than I, or any of you without his struggles will.

    Remember, your body is simply what helps you fufill your mission here, and it is beautiful because it is a gift. It is not flawed in ANY way in the perspective of what its purpose is. Trust me on this.

    Oh but please somebody, just be with him.

  • It’s sickening to think the average person would consider better than this man. The saddest bit in that whole video was when he was talking about his loneliness. What about people that we know at school or even at church that we pass every day or week and don’t even know that they are dying on the inside of loneliness? Roger has Christ. But so many others don’t. Let’s not waste today. My favorite quote from the Harris brothers (I think it was in “Start Here”) is, “God has given us enough time to do every thing he wants us to do. And no time to waste.”

  • Roger is awsome I pray for people including myself to be that close to God. ROGER YOUR AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God bless you for your faith Roger! Listening to you speak of what the Lord has done for you, and of your love for Him brought tears to my eyes. I hope someday I will have as much faith as you do! Thank you for sharing this!

  • God bless you Roger. When I watched this, I cried. Not out of pity, but because of the beautiful heart that God gave you. He put you on this earth so that you could worship Him and change people’s lives by being a light for Jesus Christ. Thank you Roger for being that light for me today!

By Brett Harris
rebelling against low expectations

The Rebelution is a teenage rebellion against low expectations—a worldwide campaign to reject apathy, embrace responsibility, and do hard things. Learn More →